Tuesday, January 17

Vice President Biden on The Cancer Moonshot

World Economic Forum
Davos, Switzerland

Vice President Biden:  Madam Ambassador, thanks for putting together a crowd for us.  (Laughter.)

Folks, I’m delighted to be here and happy to be back with so many distinguished people.  And I mean that sincerely.  Many of you know as much or more about the subjects I’m going to speak to than I do, including -- is Elizabeth Blackburn here?  Elizabeth, a Nobel Laureate, who found the BRCA gene.  As that old saying goes, she’s forgotten more about this than I’m going to know.

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But, folks, I’m happy to be back here at the World Economic Forum at Davos to talk about the fight against cancer.  And I’m accompanied by Greg Simon, who is Executive Director of administration’s Cancer Moonshot and who will lead my Biden Cancer Initiative that I’ll launch after we leave office, which is in about 48 hours.  (Laughter.)  I hope I have a ride home.  (Laughter.)  I’ll talk about in a

Vice President Biden With Ukrainian President Poroshenko

Kyiv, Ukraine

Vice President Biden:  Mr. President, I may have to call you once every couple weeks just to hear your voice.  (Laughter.)  This has been going on a long time.

Good afternoon, everyone.  It’s a great, pleasure to be once more here in Kyiv to reaffirm the depth of the partnership between our two peoples.  This is my sixth visit to Ukraine as Vice President and my fifth in the year since the Revolution of Dignity on the Maidan, which was an astounding thing to witness when so many Ukrainian patriots stood up and demanded a future that this country has been too long denied.

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And I wanted to come here one more time on my last trip as Vice President to honor how much progress the people of Ukraine have achieved.  This year marks the 25th year since Ukraine gained its independence.  And the United States has been there to support and help you at every step of the way.  Our partnership has spanned four different American Presidents from across our political spectrum.

Monday, January 16

U.S. Department of State Co-Hosts High-Level Forum on Combating Anti-Muslim Discrimination

Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
January 16, 2017

On January 17, the Permanent Missions of the United States and Canada to the United Nations, the Permanent Observer Mission of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to the United Nations, and the European Union Delegation to the United Nations will jointly host the High- Level Forum on Combating Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Hatred.

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The day-long event at the United Nations will examine the rise of anti-Muslim discrimination and hatred globally from the perspective of governmental, nongovernmental, and private sector representatives. It will also focus on best practices to combat anti-Muslim discrimination and highlight strategies that promote positive narratives of pluralism. Forum participants will provide recommendations on effective responses by all sectors of society to address the continued challenge

One Year Anniversary of Implementation Day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
January 16, 2017

On the one-year anniversary of Implementation Day under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), we mark an historic understanding that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and demonstrated the power of sustained, principled, multilateral diplomacy to address major international challenges.

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Implementing this highly technical deal has required diligent efforts by all participants -- the P5+1, the European Union, and Iran. As the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) continues to verify the deal through intensive access and monitoring provisions, there is no doubt that the deal is working and all participants are keeping their commitments.

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Iran has shipped out 98 percent of its enriched uranium, dismantled two-thirds of its centrifuges, filled its plutonium reactor with concrete and implemented the most rigorous nuclear inspection regime ever negotiated. Just today, the IAEA confirmed that Iran has removed equipment from the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant before the agreed 1 year deadline in order to meet another