Saturday, January 10

The 1461 Project

1,461 Days is a community blog, designed to follow and document the story of the Obama administration.

The full term of office is 4 years or 1,461 days which includes the additional day in a leap year. This blog and project are not designed to just be a news overview but a place for everyone, regardless of political affiliation, to come together and discuss the directions and plans of the administration. A place to review thoughts and policy, to interact with other people from around the nation who may share or oppose your view points in a civil manner. We are here to do as we were asked in the beginning of what will be one of the largest social experiments of our time, the Obama Administration.

Can the two major parties in the United States political machine actually work together in a non partisan way? Will they guide the US out of the darkness of the current economic crisis? How long will the honeymoon period last for President Obama? Will the looming problems in the middle east side turn the public against the new administration? Will the historic nature of this Presidency be remembered as one of prosperity and good will or one of major government growth and economic tragedy?

We wont know many of the answers to these questions for some time to come, but we will be watching and listening. We will hold the President and Vice President accountable for both good doings and wrong doings, as they have requested.

In the end, this will turn out to be a uniquely American story, 1,461 Days, the story of the Obama administration.

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