Tuesday, January 13

Guest Bloggers and Writers

The 1461 is always on the lookout for people who are passionate about the United States and it's Political Machine.

Every day people from all walks of life.

From Joe the Plumber and Randy the Roofer to Beth the Chef and Andy the .

Republicans, Democrats, Constitutionalists, Independents, and Green's.

We would like to represent all party's and platforms here as we follow President Obama and the Administrations Policy, Legislation, Actions, Direction and players who are involved over the coming 1,461 days of political life for the United States of America.

Guest writing positions are all non-paying spots, but each post will give direct credit to the writer or writers and you may insert link (s) back to the writers web page or blog from each post submitted by that writer. In addition each Guest Writer will receive a link in the links section of the blog back to the blog or web page that hosts the main body of work that they have written.

Guest Blog Posts need to be new material, meaning it can’t be published on other sites.

Contributor Positions: Guest blogging is the place to get a start on this blog. Writers who wish to be considered for Contributor positions must post a minimum of 3 Guest posts before requests for Contributor status will be considered. You will also need to provide links or print copy of several previously published works for review. The contributor positions here at the 1461 are paid and as such will also require additional information.

Main Criteria of Blog Posts to be considered for inclusion here on 1,461 Days:
  • The submitted Post must be directly related to the theme of this blog, the 1,461 days of the Obama Administration policy and the players directly involved in the Political Machine.
  • The Post must be well written and original in nature. Something you can be proud of and would enjoy reading yourself.
  • No slander, no derogatory remarks and no false statements can be included in your Posting. If you list facts as facts in your post be ready to verify them and back them up with sources. In other words no Faux News here. If you want to post fantasy find another blog or site to work with. We want to include all viewpoints here but we do not want to promote false statements or aggressive verbiage.

If this sounds like an interesting project and you would like to have your writing included in this blog please feel free to post a response to this posting or email ideas and samples in plain text to 1461Days@Gmail.com

*Please Note:Attached files will be ignored.


  1. I would love to take part in this experiment. I think a lot of citizens have been empowered by the bottom up approach of the Obama campaign and wish to participate in ways both large and small.

    Of course, the election was much easier than governing. And the most important work is really ahead of each one of us as citizens.

    It is our duty to not only be responsible citizens, but to also pay attention to those issues that are important to us, which have an effect on our lives, and which can improve or hurt our everyday lives.

    I think taking part in this project would be a great way to high light some things that I feel are important, or that I feel aren't being recognized.

    I know that it is impossible for one administration to accomplish everything it wishes to. But unless you aim for those large, large goals, you will never get there...and I think as Americans, we owe it to our country to attempt to reach these large goals and as individuals it is exceptionally important that we participate in any way that we can.

  2. If you want satire on Obama, such as this, I'm you're huckelberry.

  3. What have we here? A place for insightful clear thinking articulate people to share thoughts? Count me in.
    As far as this weeks flavor of the machine, I watch with diminished hope.
    Nice site host.

  4. There is a the vested interrest that all Americans share in this presidency. I hope this president is the "best EVER!!!!"(as P.W. used to say) In past experience I have found that there are forces who always have the method to dispose of new messia. It happened twice in the 60's. Will it happen again or is B.O. even the real deal?


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