Sunday, March 8

Dotting the i's and Crossing the T's

There was a initial suggestion of a snub or insult to Gordon Brown, by the sending back of the bust of Sir Winston Churchill, and how much thought was put into giving Gordon Brown a special edition American Movie collection, some say it might as well have been a gift voucher from! Was it that he felt that by spending any reasonable amount on a visiting statesman would be a bad message to send to the people? Thus showing that he is carrying through this statement of every cent counts, and this is Obama’s reply about protectionism as if to say its all American?

As for the Winston Churchill bust I can understand that he making his new home more to his taste, and needed to toss out the old junk left by Bush, but it could have been done more tactfully. Its not just Britain that is getting the lack etiquette, but Russia too. For if you are going to send statement in a public way then you need to make sure you dot your i's and cross your T;s for example the mistake of reset being mistranslated into word Overcharged made a great jesture turn into mist. But it could have been worse you could have chosen CPAPT, or translated Launch!

If Obama visits the United Kingdom before Gordon Brown leaves office Gordon could repay the favor by giving Obama a collection of Alan Bastard the new statesman. As I have stated before, Gordon Brown is likely not be the person that Obama will be dealing with in the future, so I hope that Obama has his staff looking what would be fitting for statesman visiting in the future, as I know that this is not the hospitality of everyday Americans as I know some are embarrassed by these events.

Never the less I think that lessons need to be learnt as he represents you the people, he speaks for a nation, and by sending any message or any action to another states person where ever they come from he is sending it to their people.

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