Wednesday, March 4

Gordon Brown visits Obama and adresses congress

So You have now met Gordon Brown, I noticed in the address to the camera's that Obama talked 75% of the time and Gordon did the other 25% maybe it was done pro rata for country size. I feel the visit was more business like rather than the warmth that seemed to exist between Blair and Bush or Thatcher and Regan. This is because maybe it would not be productive to establish a relationship with the man who is on his way out. I feel the person Obama will be talking to next year is the leader of the Conservative party David Cameron.

The people of United Kingdom feel that a lot needs to be changed. All that has happened is not so much Gordon Browns fault, but the labour party as a whole, the public feel betrayed, losing jobs homes and standards of public services.After all I feel that Brown is Blair's fall guy, Tony Blair stepped down when everything looked fine and Rosy, knowing that underneath the wall paper there were some major cracks in the walls.

Brown and Obama talked about a special unbreakable bond, well we have been through so much together, in some way it like a father son relationship, part of America was born from the British, that is why we have so much in common, like a teenager you rebelled and became your own person and America grew up, then you had your own identity. But since then we have fought together and stood tall difficult times.

Gordon Brown talked about protectionism, this is different for America than the United Kingdom, as we have the European union to deal with. If we build a strong economy by sourcing employment solely within our own country, we will have a economic migration problem. I think we have been having anyway, European workers legally have right to work and live anywhere within the European Union, but what has happened they earn their money, then sent out of the country due to the cost of living being far cheaper in their own countries, whilst the same people still drawing resources from our National Health Service not only for themselves but by bringing family member from home over as well, and when times are not so good they are entitled to benefits as well. Companies know they can get away with paying a lot less in wages for European workers and that forces down wages, until your nationals can not afford to take the job as it becomes impractical for workers from that nation to work and there is more financial benefit to stay on government hand outs, this is without the added factor of top illegal working.

In the United States apart from the problem of illegal workers you do not have that, the one danger you do have is that if you do not share the wealth, as in cash flow you could isolate yourself, and no other countries will be able to afford your products, once again you will have a boom and bust syndrome. So a careful balance is required.

One thing is right that both Obama and Brown have said we have to embrace opportunities as it is better to something rather than nothing at all, this is setting a base line for the future, and there is no other way than up.

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