Sunday, March 15

Obama's Economic War

Day 54

We have 1,407 days to go with this administration.

So far we have heard huge plans, watched absurd amounts of money being injected into an economy that has yet to show signs of slowing it's decent into the abyss, foreign powers questioning there investments, and grade school mistakes that more experienced political figures might not have made.

But even after all of that, I am still happy that at least we don't have McCain and Palin in office.

The bitterness of the opposition still lingers on as one would expect.

Fox News has shifted there attention to a Bush era terminology of "wars" on everything declaring that Obama's is embroiled in a "war" over his economic agenda. The Republicans still remain focused on wars. No matter what they are with, at least it is a war! Even Warren Buffett said last week that the country is in an "economic war," likening the crisis to the Pearl Harbor attacks.

The Obama administrations financial advisers hit the airwaves this morning to further sell the President's budget proposal and to defend his responses to the crisis thus far.

They also attempted to increase the President's attempts to build confidence in the US economic turnaround.

They are on the hard sell.

It will not be an easy sell especially since they face the current "Party of No" opposition, but at the end of the day, it is the public that needs to buy what the administration is selling not the GOP.

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