Sunday, March 1

Weekly WTF Week ending 3/1

Elsewhere posted on 1,461 is this on McCain's recent "change of heart" regarding President Obama's plan for troop removal in Iraq.

Repeatedly during his campaign, Sen. McCain would chastise Obama for his plan to remove troops from Iraq. Doing everything he can to make our (now) President's plan look , well, like it had been handcrafted by a 5th grader. Citing a lack of understanding in the ways of military tactics among other things..

Now lets look at this for a moment, shall we?

Sen McCain picked Palin as his running mate, and lets face it, no one would know more about "military tactics" than a soccer mom from Alaska. The reality is that should McCain have been elected, she would have had to deal with troop withdrawl.

I dont think I ever heard her plan on the matter...

Now something else that slightly bothers me is McCain's use of the term "Military tactics" in regards to the Presidency. The definition of tactic is "a plan, procedure, or expedient for promoting a desired end or result". With that in mind, is troop withdrawl so much a military tactic, or is it more a political tactic conversation piece for McCain.

I would have to say that in Obama's case, the troop withdrawl may be more of a diplomacy tactic. An attempt at creating and solidifying a "peace friendly" enviroment in Iraq.

But now, Sen. McCain has changed his mind... Siding with the President and even praising the plan he once scorned saying "Senator Obama's strategy could easily reverse all the hard-fought gains we made. If we do what Senator Obama wants us to do, we will risk having to come back and risk a wider war and defeat in the first major war since 9/11 " (Quote taken from ABC News interview )

So now I have to ask the question to Sen McCain: Why The Flipflop ?


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  1. T,

    I have to agree with you on the FLIPFLOP for the WTF?!

    It is a 180 Degree turnabout from the statements made on the trail. No matter what the current military environment the statement went from total vote of no confidence to a full vote of confidence. That does not happen, except in McCain's world.


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