Friday, April 3

Obama comes to the United Kingdom

Well it was good to see the president visit the United Kingdom, behind the overwhelming feeling that the security forces had that attitude” he is not going to get it on my watch “ worried about the embarrassment of even attempt on Obama’s life, meanwhile there was all the patting and handshaking and positive spin doctoring from the worlds most powerful leaders in the G20 summit. But one thing did seem to happen they walked away with an historic agreement with a structured control on the financial world. Whilst the protesters, were held at arms length at all cost, even the ones who had purchased an old military armoured light tank from the 50’s painted it blue with RIOT on the side!!

What this Historic deal means to the average person I am not sure, but I am accepting one thing, it will mean in the future we all will be able to afford less. This we might moan about, but it is nothing from real poverty, the ones who have no right or access to health care, education, even clean water. There has even been a some help thrown in for the third world, but they also need to make sure that extream poverty situation's are not exsiting in their own countries as well.

Obama and the first lady got to meet the queen, this I believe was their highlight of their trip once again there security was so it was a private audience. Once again security was so tight it was like turning THE BEAST around in Downing Street. I am glad that both president Obama and Medvedev, as the USA had breathing space after the collapse of hard line communism and Russia as country was struggling. Now she is rising again, and dialogue needs to be maintained to ensure we do not go back to the days of Ragan and the Frankie goes to Hollywood days.

Obama is off to France now visit Sarkozy, I wonder if Obama will play him the recording of the prank call to Sarah Palin, I would if I was him! And there they have no Royal Family to meet as the French cut all their heads off in the French revolution.

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