Friday, November 6

The day after the Fort Hood shootings and few questions have been answered

The day after the shooting spree on the largest US Military base in the world, Fort Hood soldiers and families in Texas are still asking the same question.


Soldiers who witnessed the shootings at Fort Hood have reported that the suspected gunman Major Nidal Malik Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" before opening fire. Allahu Akbar translates to "God is great". The cry can be used to express cheer and delight or it can be used as battle cry.

Islamic Groups through out the United States have quickly prepared for the pending public backlash that will undoubtedly erupt since it has been reported that Maj. Hasan was a Muslim.

The backlash will of course be based on speculation and conspiracy theory.

The truth to the reasons behind the attack may take a long time to come to the surface. Speculation seems to be running in every direction and we here at 1461 are not going to point at any one suspected fact about the alleged shooter and draw a conclusion. We will wait for the investigation to draw the conclusions as to why this happened.

How this happened however we will attempt to cover.

The reports that are coming out show us more or less, what happened though they seem to change from hour to hour.

according to reports around the net I have pieced the following together:

The alleged gunman, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a 39 year old Army psychiatrist at Darnall Army Medical Center whom was recently promoted to the rank of Maj. in May and transferred to Fort Hood in June, walked into the Fort Hood Soldier Readiness Center, walked behind a desk and pulled two hand guns. He then allegedly began firing on soldiers as that were being prepared to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hasan was shot four times by a civilian police officer and remained hospitalized on a ventilator. The female civilian police officer Kimberly Munley, who shot and wounded Hasan was hospitalized in stable condition.

The picture above is from Officer Munley's Twitter account which has been posted to only 3 times, the most recent of which was on July 6th of this year. If she is the one who brought down the alleged single gunman then her Twitter bio reads as a good prediction. Her bio reads "I live a good life....a hard one, but I go to sleep peacefully @ night knowing that I may have made a difference in someone's life."

1461 Days has watched her followers list jump from just a handful to over 100 in less then 20 minutes.

You can jump on the band wagon and wish her a speedy recovery by clicking the following link.

Officer Munley's Twitter

If she is the one who brought down the actual shooter and brought an end to the shooting spree, we would like to say - Nice Shot! and well done.

FBI agents are searching Maj. Hasan's apartment in the nearby town of Killeen Texas for clues to what may have led to the shooting spree.

Maj. Hasan is a 1997 graduate of Virginia Tech. He was an ROTC member, and received his medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md. He completed his residency at Walter Reed Medical Center where he was stationed up until his transfer to Fort Hood in May of this year.

Specialist Keara Bono, 21, of the Army Reserve, called her mother from a hospital and said she had been shot in the back. Spec. Bono had arrived at Fort Hood just one day prior to being shot. She was scheduled to deploy to Iraq on December 4th.

It is being reported that Spec. Bono was on the phone with her husband during the shooting and he heard shots and shouting before the line went dead.

19 year old Amber Bahr, was shot in the stomach at Fort Hood but was in stable condition. I have no information on her rank or deployment schedule.

Corporal Nathan Hewitt was shot once in the hip and once in his calf. The 27 year old is a 2000 graduate of Jefferson High School in Lafayette Indiana. He was at Fort Hood waiting to be deployed to Afghanistan. He has already served a tour in Iraq. Corp Hewitt says he doesn‘t remember much about what happened.

21 year old Pfc. Michael Pearson of Bolingbrook, Illinois has been reported as killed in the shooting spree. He had joined the Army just over a year ago.

The Huffington Post and Chicago Breaking News are reporting that 21 year old Francheska Velez of Chicago had just returned from Iraq. She was reportedly 3 months pregnant. She joined the Army in February of 2007. Velez had only been back on base for 3 days and was in the building filling out paperwork related to her pregnancy at the time that she was killed. I have no reported rank for Francheska Velez.

You can visit her FaceBook page here.

The military has still not confirmed the names of the 13 people killed.

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