Saturday, November 7

US House Passes Health Care Bill Nov 7 2009

And here we sit on a Saturday night waiting to see if Americans will gain a National health care coverage package or if we will end up with forced health care coverage.

The US House of Representatives has gone to final vote on the bill.

Earlier today President Obama spoke from the Rose Garden at the White House:

The Vote has now passed the House.

The final count at 11:14 the vote is a near tie at 220 yea and 215 nay votes.
219 Democrats voting yea and 39 vote nay.

176 Republicans voting nay and 1 voted yea.

The one Republican voting yea? Joseph Cao from Louisiana.

And now on to the Senate for more head scratching and finger pointing.

Who will be the winner and who will be the loser in the end?

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