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Nigerian banker warned US authorities weeks ago about Abdulmutallab

On Christmas day Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly attempted to detonate an improvised explosive device while aboard a trans-Atlantic Northwest Airlines flight 253 bound for Detroit. The Airbus 330 carrying 278 passengers and 11 crew was traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit.

A preliminary FBI analysis has found that the device allegedly found attached to Mr. Abdulmutallab contained the high explosive PETN, also known as pentaerythritol.

PETN was used in the device worn by Richard Reid, the "shoe bomber". Mr. Reid is serving a prison sentence for attempting to blow up an international flight from Paris to Miami during Christmas week, 2001.

The big difference between these two twits? This dimwit is suspected to have sewn the high explosives in his underwear.

Mr. Abdulmutallab went to the bathroom for about 20 minutes before the incident, court documents say. When he got back to his seat, he said he had an upset stomach and he pulled a blanket over himself, the affidavit continues. "Passengers then heard popping noises similar to firecrackers, smelled an odour, and some observed Abdulmutallab's pants, leg and the wall of the airplane on fire," the Department of Justice said in a statement.

Dutch tourist Jasper Schuringa, who is credited with tackling the suspect first and assisting crew members to restrain him, is being hailed as a hero by fans on the internet.

The 32-year-old Dutch filmmaker has said during interviews following the flight, that when he heard a bang and smelled smoke he felt immediately it was a terrorist attack and did not hesitate to intervene.

Mr Schuringa added that the alleged bomber had not become aggressive after the alleged bomb failed to detonate.

Airports worldwide have beefed up security after the alleged attack.

Delays have increased on many transatlantic flights after airlines flying in and around the US have stepped up and tightened security measures.

Measures include cutting down on hand baggage, extra frisking of passengers at passport control and allowing more time to board. Blankets, pillows and lap coverage are being restricted on some flights as an extra precaution.

But is that the whole story?

Did someone drop the ball?

It turns out the accused extremest, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's family is not your everyday family.

A prominent Nigerian banker warned US authorities weeks ago about Abdulmutallab's extreme religious and political views.

The Nigerian banker?

Abdulmutallab's father, Alhaji Umaru Mutallab.

He is apparently a prominent banker and is well-connected in Nigeria's political world. In recent months the family had become concerned about their son and his alarming political views.

Mr. Mutallab reportedly approached the US embassy in Abuja back in November. He also approached Nigerian security officials to voice concerns about his son. Members of Mr Abdulmutallab's family are reportedly travelling to the Nigerian capital Abuja on Sunday to meet with government officials.

And to think, I was speaking with Dr. Dave about putting a top ten list of WTF's (Washington Total Fails) together for 2009's political fails. Something tells me we have a number one right here.

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