Thursday, December 17

Political life a sculpture that should be called public life

I have been looking about recently for different items and thoughts about the net and I stumbled upon an artist that seems to understand politics. He calls himself the Burl Wood Elf. He is a woodcarver or what seems to be more accurate would be a wood sculpture.

The piece that caught my eye is called "Political Life" and his idea seems to be spot on, though I rather think he should have called it public life with all the media spot attention that Tiger Woods (no pun - or rather pun intended) is getting as of recently.

16 different mistresses? Really? That has to be an inflated number somehow. I could see maybe 2 or 3 different mistresses. I could see him having that many not condone. But 16? Come on man. Even a rabbit takes a nap every now and then.

Anyway, back to the artist.

He seems to have a large selection of works that are going to be released over the next few months. After having an e-mail conversation with him I have found that he is tired of working with galleries that have charged him 40% and more to show and sell his works. He has decided to sell them on his own using the Internet and apparently web based auction sites like eBay. He has a listing on now for a Frog that he carved.

You can view the Burl Wood Elf's work at his blog: TheBurlWoodElf
Or his current auction of his Frog sculpture on eBay

Anyway, that is my non-political piece. I will now return to my normally political blogging and stop trying to be an art critic or broker.

Next up?

Health care reform - or health care deformation. Why we really don't need this giant ball of crap served up steaming hot and smelly!

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