Saturday, January 2

88 Killed during Volleyball match

A truck loaded with high explosives drove onto a field packed with players and onlookers during a volleyball match between two local village teams and detonated the explosives in north west Pakistan on Friday, January 1st. The game was being held as a celebration for the removal of the extremest Taliban elements from the community.

According to reports on Sky News On-line there were at least 88 killed and dozens are reported wounded in the attack. Over 20 nearby homes have collapsed from the explosion.

This latest round of civilian bloodshed may have been sparked by the civilians creation of a militia in an effort to drive out and keep out the Taliban. The army has also launched an offensive against Taliban in this part of South Waziristan. The army's operations have caused the militants to scatter through out the region. It has also provoked reprisal attacks that have killed more than 500 since October.

"The locality has been a hub of militants. Locals set up a militia and expelled the militants from this area. This attack seems to be reaction to their expulsion," police chief Ayub Khan said. Police and the army had previously claimed to have completely secured the region.

An attack on a sporting event is not normal for the Taliban, but they have recently started targeting more highly crowded civilians areas, like markets, to inflict mass casualties, spreading fear in an effort to force the civilian population to protect the Taliban.

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