Saturday, January 16

Mass Elections just hours away and the Political BS is getting deep

The Senate seat that was made vacant by the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy is about to find it's new owner.

There are just hours to go and the three challengers have stepped up there efforts and they are playing for keeps.

The players:

Democrat Martha Coakley
Up until recently Coakley has been happy to remain running in neutral during this campaign. Most of the polling had shown her in a command position moving into the special elections scheduled for this Tuesday. Coakley has presented Brown as believer and follower of the failed policies of former President George W. Bush. Coakley had several things on her side.

First, she's a Democrat deep in the heart of Democrat land.

Second, she has statewide popularity and is currently in the seat of Mass. State Attorney General.

Third, former President Clinton has made a trip to Massachusetts and headlined at a fundraiser in order to show support and help rally voters to Coakley's side. Clinton professed Coakley’s positions on financial and health care reform and the importance that her stance on these issues and the current events in the U.S. Senate. He also ramped up the focus on the jobs and the economy. The job market is the top hot button in this race right now. Both Coakley and Clinton attempted to drive home the thought that across the board tax cuts will not create new jobs for the people of the state.

Fourth, President Obama will be making a trip on Sunday to add his support for the Democrat hopeful in an attempt to keep the Democrats 60 vote control of the Senate.

Fifth, the Democratic Party plans to spend the maximum $880,000 allowed in coordination with Coakley’s campaign for advertising during the remaining hours of the campaign

Republican Scott Brown
The one time long shot looks like he is gaining momentum at a high rate in the closing days of this special election run up.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani visited and campaigned for Brown in Massachusetts Friday. While not a top line politician any longer (he has been sliding further into the shadows since his latest statement that there were no terror attacks during the Bush administration) he was the top political presence on the trail for Brown.

The Republican party will not be spending the money that the Democrats are looking to pour into the race. According to the Globe "The National Republican Senatorial Committee has not purchased television ads for Brown." but Brown's campaign has been able to raise over 1.3 million in a short period of time with additional contributions flowing in at a staggering pace.

The shear surge of his campaign may prove to be an overwhelming force that the Democratic party hopeful may not be able to contend with.

At the end of this election we will see if the Democratic north will hold the line and remain a deep "Blue" state or if the Republican party can muster enough strength to gain ground in an area that has been in Democrat control for decades.

This single election could change the way the political game will be played in Washington.

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