Wednesday, January 20

Oops! Apparently someone wasn't paying attention! It was all about Jobs!

A win for the Republicans the Independents or for the Democrats?

Last nights win for Scott Brown was a win for either the Independents, since he calls himself an independent, or it was a win for the Republicans since he ran on the GOP ticket and his election breaks the 60 vote super majority.

But was it actually a win for the Democrats?

It did send a clear message.

If you do not run a good strong campaign you will not win.

Perhaps Coakley will remember that winning the primaries does not mean you will win the actual election. You have to pay attention to the whole process. That's another one of those life lessons that the folks in DC need to follow beyond just the election process. They always seem to forget what they said as soon as they pull into DC and start to smile for the cameras.

It also made another point loud an clear. The Democrat party should listen a bit more intently to the nation.

The election in Massachusetts was not about Health Care reform. They already have something pretty similar in Massachusetts. The election yesterday was about changing direction and getting things fixed.

That's right, jobs.

That is the single hot ticket right now that all the political folks should be paying attention to.

Bottom line is, if your nation isn't working they can not afford anything.

Not taxes, not health care nor affordable health insurance, not $3 a gallon gas, not food which cost seem to go up on almost as fast or faster than gas, not even rent. Forget heat or water. "Don't turn on that light - you'll waste the damn electricity and we can't pay the bill now!"

Unemployment insurance is drying up. People are not getting back to work. The job market has not started to make the right advancements to allow people to return to gainful employment. I spent 6 hours today talking to people from around the country, from California, Texas, Rhode Island and even Massachusetts. Nobody knows why it isn't turning around but they all agree that it hasn't done so yet. No matter how many people have it printed on the front page of there local rag sheet. It hasn't turned around yet.

If people could afford to buy the $1 a day newspapers they would see classified sections with employment offerings totaling less than an eighth of what they were a year ago. The year ago offering was a quarter of what had been available just a few months before that.

This is a recession. I would hazard to guess it was just shy of a depression. I don't know about you, but I am pretty damn depressed when I think about, talk about or write about our current economic state.

Two words can sum up our current economic state: It Sucks.

The question though is, will the election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate change anything?

Will it force a course correction?

Will it bring the Democrats back from the trip they were on?

Or will they just keep running on as they were, oblivious?

I don't know personally. But, like the rest of America, I will be watching, and more and more of us are paying attention.

Am I a republican? No

Did I expect that Brown was going to win? No.

I guess I wasn't paying enough attention either.

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