Friday, January 22

President Obama to visit Lorain Ohio Today for a town-hall at 2 PM

President Obama will be in Lorain, Ohio later today on his second stop along the "Main Street Tour". The first stop was last month in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Lorain County Community College's Field House will play host to this stop.

Last months visit was during a somewhat different political climate. The Democrats were sure they had the pulse of the American citizen and that they were on task.

This past Tuesday's election in Massachusetts was a wake up call for the Democrat party. Today's town-hall should let us as a nation see just how that wake up call has been received.

President Obama is expected to cover the economy and job creation. I would also expect that he will try to work Health Care reform into the town-hall as best as he can. There is no reason to expect that he will try to drop the issue of Health Care even though the American population is more concerned about economic recovery and the influence that Government can have on speeding up the return to job growth.

President Obama visited the town of Lorain two years ago. While he was there he spoke at the National Gypsum plant, a drywall company. At that time President Obama was attempting to gain support for a jobs package that he said had to be done in a responsible manner. The plan would have to be put in place without adding to the "already obscene debt that has grown by four trillion dollars under George Bush." Just two years later President Obama is returning to the town. Just two weeks after speaking at the National Gypsum plant, they were forced to release many of the people they had employed. People that had been working 6 or 7 days a week and making good money in the process.

How many of those people will be in attendance today?

White House Spokesman Bill Burton told reporters today that the president will talk about the economic pressures that U.S. families are facing.

Yesterday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus signed a Memorandum of Understanding between their two departments, in an effort to encourage the development of advanced bio-fuels and other renewable energy systems. The agreement is designed to strengthen the economic recovery in rural America and create new jobs and new industries that cannot be exported from the United States. As a side effect the venture into advanced bio-fuels would enhance our national security by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.

I would assume that President Obama will use this as a talking point in today's town hall as well.

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