Wednesday, January 27

President Obama's State of the Union 2010 Live Video including the GOP response

Join 1461 and watch President Obama's State of the Union Address live, post your comments and thoughts on what the President has to say and the direction that his leadership and his appointed administration is taking the country in.

President Obama is scheduled to give his State of the Union Address starting at 9 Pm EST (6 Pm PST) The stream is available internationally.

While the address is in progress, you can send your questions or comments to the White House by using the link below the video as outlined.

Add your questions and comments on the live stream comments by clicking here.
Questions and Comments

The link will open in a new window or right click and select open in new tab.

Heather Higginbottom, Brian Deese, and Ben Rhodes take your questions reacting to the President’s State of the Union Address Immediately following the President's Address.

While you are waiting for the State of the Union Address to begin you can familiarize yourself with the theme of the evenings address by reviewing the First Lady's guest list. The First Lady's box guest list can be viewed here in PDF format.

Stick around for the GOP response which will also be live right here on 1461.

1461 will also include the Republican response to run following President Obama's State of the Union Address. The GOP response to President Obama’s State of the Union address is going to be delivered by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Don't forget to post your thoughts, responses and impressions of President Obama's State of the Union and the GOP response right here and share them with the rest of the 1461!

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