Tuesday, January 19

Today's Special Elections in Mass a Fight to the End but you wont see exit polls

Voting in today's special elections in Massachusetts will last from 7 Am when the polls opened to 8 Pm when the last polling place will close. But the fight will rage for hours, days or even weeks to follow. Just how long will depend on how close the vote ends up.

There is allot at stake for both of the major political parties here in the Mass Senate race. The Democrats, if they lose the race will end up in political grid lock. They will more than likely become an ineffective Senate and will be able to achieve nothing until the midterm elections came to be and they were perhaps able to win back the magic 60 seat filibuster block.

If they lose today the President is also at risk of losing credibility and the look of control in the United States as he has become directly involved in the election. He had little choice but to do so as Coakley had run a less than aggressive campaign up to the point where the Democrat heavy hitters had to step in.

The Republican party is risking the loss of total control. If they lose this election they may well fall further from the overall importance of the political machine. The historic significance of picking up a seat from within "the deep blue sea" of Massachusetts is high. If they are able to pull of a victory here they can prove that they are still a party with a significant roll to play in shaping the American political landscape.

The voter turnout is reportedly high despite the light snow in the area today.

Earlier poll's suggested that enthusiasm was going to be a problem for Coakley in today's special election but she remained hopeful as she cast her vote earlier today.

The Boston Globe is reporting that by 9 a.m. in Boston itself, more than 23,000 ballots had been cast.

However in the outlying areas of the state such as Jamaica Plain where a smaller population is in place, only 10 percent of voters had cast ballots by 11 a.m.

Unlike in other elections the exit polls may not be available until the polls close at 8 P.M.

The normal groups that run the exit polls didn't bother to put the system in p[lace since the vote was expected to be a Democratic blow out and the Republican candidate was expected to only make a good showing.

We will see where the Political Machine will go next once the dust settles tonight in the Mass Senate Race!

What are your hopes thoughts and opinions on the Mass Senate Race?

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