Tuesday, February 16

The problem with our medical system in the US is our medical system in the US

I have listened to the bitching and crying about our current American politics and the Death Panels and the "Don't let the Democrats decide who will live and die" bullshit long enough. "Death Panel" - a phrase in itself that makes you want to slap the crap out of the twit who said it.

"Don't let Obama select a panel" - the health insurance company's already have those panels built into there benefits administration and have already established the value of your life and the amount of money that they are willing to invest in your sorry backside to keep you alive and paying the insurance bill to them. Once you cross that magic number, your life is no longer worth them covering and paying your medical bills. If you have a disease that will cost more than your premiums will make for them or if teh profit margin is too slim for them, you will not get coverage.

It is a fact folks.

The Health Care system in the US today sucks. Not just the Health Care Insurance, the whole Health Care System.

Stop being led about by the nose with half truth - you already have a "death Panel" in place in your insurance company.

Think about it for more than the 45 seconds that FO-news runs there next spectacular in-depth story or as Palin reads her PalmPilot for cues on cranking you up - the main hope they have is that you won't investigate the truth. That you will remain happy little sheep and follow the herding cues. That you will react when and how they want as they produce half truth and half fiction and call it solid fact. After all, you know damn well that major corporations have always looked out for the citizens right? How long do you think it will take before the Tea-Party folks figure out that they are being controlled by corporate America. That they are being fed the "Grass Roots for the people by the people" bit from Corporate leaders looking to protect there political agendas?

The Health Care system as a whole in the US today sucks.

You are on a conveyor belt the moment you walk in to the doctors office. They have so much time, predetermined by the insurance that you have that can be allotted to you and your medical problems.

You have a check-sheet that determines the doctors diagnosis according to the guidelines that the insurance company has laid out for you according to the policy that you have and the provider network that the doctor works with.

That's about it. You get what the check sheet tells them to give you.

The humanity went out of medicine years ago.

I know the medical system in the US needs to be overhauled. I think each and every one of you do also. But I don't see the insurance company's as the only problem. I think it is the whole medical system.

I can't understand why the person who just got $145 for a half hour visit, in which I spent 21 minutes sitting in a room on a large piece of paper looking at the walls and reading a magazine while listening to muzak that was piped in (the Beatles if I remember correctly from my last visit) then the door swung open and the Dr. stepped in. She was a young attractive brunette with good looks. I would comment on her eyes but she never looked up from her charts. She asked some quick questions, scribbled something in to her notes. (probably her shopping list for all I know) and then wrote a script out for pain meds and a referral to a specialist for physical therapy. Turns out she could tell from my complaint that I had carpel tunnel syndrome and needed to reduce the pain and see a specialist.

I walked out of her office wondering several things.
How much was this BS going to cost me?
How long was this BS going to take?
What color were her eyes?
How much did she just make off the script and referral?
Was that her Porsche parked in the reserved space?
What exactly was on that magic check sheet that the nurse had filled out?

I agree, our insurance problem is not a small one in this country, but I think it is only the tip of the iceberg when we start talking about Americas problems with the medical industry.

What do you think? Is our medical system broken or not?

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  2. A sales pitch?
    Come on - seriously?

    Oh well - In the US most health Insurance is provided by the employer and many do not shop around for Insurance needs. This may be changing more rapidly than in the past since several insurance giants have started to raise rates up to 30% recently.


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