Friday, February 19

Toyota sinking deeper into the quicksand and perhaps leaving a huge opening for American Auto makers to move into

Toyota has some serious problems facing them.

Millions of cars recalled for quality issues that the company apparently attempted to sidestep. Loyal customers are left waiting in long, seemingly never ending suspense to see what problem will crop up next with there vehicles.

Now the so called "secretaries car", the Toyota Corolla may be the next target of recall.

Power steering is the problem being spotlighted in this recent development.

As the trouble for Toyota seems to unfold by the day with new recalls and claims of substandard quality, the auto manufacturer has started to shut down plants as a reaction to the sudden slump in demand for there product.

Toyota announced that there will be a 2 week long work stoppage at one plant located in Derbyshire England. The original plan was to stop manufacturing for only one week, however the continued downward spiral of sales has brought them to today's announcement that they will double the down time.

Lexus, the luxury offshoot of the Toyota line, which has been out of the limelight during much of the recalls is now starting to gain it share of problems. Toyota Motor Corp president Toyoda said it has completed preparations for recall repairs for the Toyota "Sai" and Lexus "HS250h", and its dealers are to began notifying owners about the recall procedures.

This could come as a major blow to the luxury line since most of the owners of Lexus don't realize they are simply the owners of re-badged higher priced Toyota's. In both HS250h and Prius, the brakes can reportedly momentarily cut out after the car hits a bump or pothole.

Do you still feel safe in your "safer" "more economical" or re-badged "luxury" import auto?

Remember when everyone was talking about "buy American, help save jobs" why haven't we done that this time around? I am not talking about isolationism, I am talking about buying American and getting our workers back into jobs, money back into there hands and food back into the mouths of our families.

You don't want to buy anything from GM because they took bailout funds?

Fine, look at Ford. They took no bailouts and are building a better car today than they did 10 or 20 years ago. They are competitive with any brand out there and offer a wide array of choices.

Help us to help ourselves and help yourself at the same time.

Trade your jap crap for a Ford.

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