Wednesday, March 10

To those who have fallen in the service of America during the current wars - I say thank you

I read a piece on a soldier from Maryland. It touched me deeply. I began researching and searching for every bit of information I could find on him. It turned out he died as a result to his heroic action and selfless action to avoid injuring innocent civilians. I found information on him and his life from many different resources. I found it fascinating that he was suddenly not just a statistic but a personality. A whole being was there before me in a way. He was not just a news blurb.

I sat for 16 hours researching this soldier and other soldiers who were killed recently as well. Some how this became an obsession.

I started assembling facts and bits of information and putting this whole story together.

I wanted to add more to it, but can't. I wanted to rewrite it and add more information that I have found, but wont.

I had someone make a valid point in a comment.
The Washington Post has a Faces of the Fallen tribute put together that is far beyond the scope of anything I could possibly put together.

You can view the information by following this link to the Washington Post Faces of the Fallen.

It is an emotional experience. It is also humbling. To see so many who were such good people who gave just as much as they could to there fellow man.

Those who have given all should never be forgotten, and the level of information that is available should make sure that they are never forgotten.

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