Friday, November 26

President Obama leaves game in stitches

President Obama was spending time on the 3rd oldest army post of the United States Army,the 100 acre Fort McNair. Fort McNair is located on a peninsula that resides at the convergence of the Potomac and Anacostia rivers in Washington DC. McNair has played host to many historic and memorable events in the nations history. Today, a new foot note has been added to Fort McNair's book.

President Obama was on the Greenleaf Point facility this morning with White House aide Reggie Love, Rey Decerega with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, members of the Presidents family and others playing Basketball. One of the President's favorite pastimes.

While President Obama was playing defense, Rey Decerega went for an open shot. As Rey turned from the shot his elbow connected with President Obama's face.

President Obama left the game and returned to the White House where he received 12 stitches in the White House medical center. Though 12 stitches seems rather high for an inadvertently thrown elbow, the doctors used a nonstandard filament to close the wound. The smaller than normal thread allowed the doctor to offer President Obama the chance at a less noticable scar than standard stitches.

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