Friday, January 14

In the end Steele just not strong enough

The RNC selected the new Chairman today and as predicted, Michael Steele wasn't it. He ended up his bid after the 4th round of balloting by making his "exit, stage right."

The first ballots count had Steele at 44 votes, not the place to be if you are the current sitting chair thinking you have a shot at remaining in the Chairmanship for another two years, made worse by the fact that Steele was in second place behind Reince Priebus with 45 votes.

Over the next three votes Steeles votes declined until he reached a vote count of 28 after the 4th round.

Priebus, the Wisconsin GOP Chairman received 97 of the 168 ballots cast at the end of the 7th round of balloting.

Candidates for the Chairmanship need 85 votes to win.

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