Friday, January 21

Republican House Passes HR-2 - So what does that mean?

In the House the new Republican majority made quick work of HR-2 and shot it through with only one meeting to review the bill and it's contents.

HR-2 for those who haven't heard by now is the Repeal of the Health-care Reform act that the last Congress passed and the President signed into law.

What happens now to your new health-care package under the current laws and regulation within the Federal Government?

Nothing changes.

Your child can remain on your policy.

Your preexisting condition is still covered and they can not refuse coverage.

All 50 states are still member states of the Health-care Reform Act.

People on Medicare will not have to send the $250 "Donut" hole payment back to the Fed.

Not yet anyway - unless the Republicans were to get this past the Senate but that is not in HR-2's future. The whole bill will be filled "rectangle".

So what did the House Republicans do?

Spent your money so they could put on theater.

The story goes that "most Americans" don't want this package, and that the Democrats pushed this bill through "against what the American citizen wanted".

How far from the truth is that? From my vantage point - that's pretty damn far from the truth.

The current polling shows nearly half of Americans want this coverage. 30% don't want it and nearly 20% have not yet made up there minds.

While Faux "news" continues to state that the majority of Americans don't want or need this coverage - all the other "News" companies are stating that the majority of Americans don't want to loose the Health-care Reform Act.

Beyond this id the fact that the majority - and I can say this with certainty - "The Majority of Americans Want YOU To Get US Back To WORK!"

Stop collecting your paycheck for "wasting OUR tax dollars" on "Theater" and get your asses to work finding the Majority Of Americans a damn J-O-B!!

Look folks, lets play a quick game:

There are 435 members in Congress
The average salary is $80,000 for freshman and $165,000 for the rank & file.

Just to be fair - we will use a $125,000 as our base salary since there are 95 new members and 340 existing members.

Using our $125,000 a year base, the 435 members cost $209,134.60 per day.
That's a day. How about $26,141.82 an hour or $435.69 a minute.

How about $54,374,996.00 per year.
I have a great odea on how to start cutting the budget - cut the salary for the Congress to $1 per day worked.

How does that make you feel? Is watching "theater" worth it?

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