Sunday, February 6

Count Down To The Big Game

The Countdown to the big game has begun.

No, I am not talking about the Superbowl.

I'm talking about the 2012 Iowa Caucuses.

The date for the Iowa Caucuses has been set to Monday, February 6th, 2012.

President Obama will likely run unopposed for the Democratic ticket.

The Republican party will not have the same sense of unity.

The Republicans are more divided than ever with several different groups all calling themselves Tea Party members, the extremest groups and the Conservative movements.

More than likely the Teabagger Extremest group will pit there rough and tough political personality, Sarah Palin up against the other groups and divisions political powers. You know, real politicians, not personalities.

We will see the other Teabagger whack job, Michelle Bachmann be tossed into the ring against the others with the hope that she will be the first female President of the United States. Michelle is the Minnesotan answer to the Alaskan Palin Teabagger experience. The two are both off there crackers and this just adds to the fun that might take place as the two start to square off.

One is uneducated and the other is a lunatic. Sounds like a great sitcom. Unfortunately they are the TeaBaggers best offerings.

We all expect that we will see the normal Republican attempts from Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee will be there. They have become a fixture and this year should be no different.

The shock might come from Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, as he should have a strong showing at the Iowa Caucus because of his close geographical ties. He will of course be up against his fellow Minnesotan wackjob Bachmann. The fear factor is that as they move forward, Pawlenty will call on Bachmann for his VP in a nod to McCain.

Ron Paul will attempt to get in there one more time, though this will probably be his last attempt as the 74 year old is a little past his prime for serious consideration.

Former Senator Rick Santorum may take a swing for the big leagues with a bid for the big office. He is going back to Iowa for a second visit and deliver the keynote at the Iowa Christian Alliances spring fundraiser in March. Normally multiple visits to the Iowa area in some sort of political manner can be a good indicator of a bid intention. If Huckabee takes a pass on the gambit, Santorum will be right there to jump in.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is another that we may see getting in line for the Caucuses. He is currently i Israel attempting to gain a little notoriety for himself and prove that he has foreign diplomacy experience and is willing to reach out to Jewish and Muslim people both here and at home.

According to some sources, former House leader Nutty Newt Gingrich may even attempt to relaunch a political comeback at the Iowa Caucuses.

It should be an interesting game, and the lead up will be enjoyable to say the least.

I'm predicting Green Bay by 10 - yes, now we are talking Superbowl.

Green Bay Packers Stop Sign

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