Friday, February 11

Mubarak President No More - Military now in control of Egypt

After a 30 year rule, Hani Mubarak has stepped down.

Mubarak has handed the control over to the military and has reportedly left Cairo.

Mubarak's vice President, Omar Suleiman made the announcement in a one minute television appearance earlier today.

Suleiman said that Mubarak had resigned and that the Armed Forces will take over control of the countries affairs.

The streets of Cairo, still filled with throngs of protesters who have held tight to the city for 18 long days, erupted in an electrifying cheer of "Egypt is Free!".

Egypt is free, by the hands of the free Egyptian citizens.

We shall now see how the political scene will shape itself of the coming days. Whether or not the Egyptians will maintain there new found freedom remains to be seen.

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