Friday, February 4

Solving the Situation in Egypt with President Mubarak continues to be on the Obama Administrations Agenda

The Senate passed a resolution yesterday that calls for Egyptian President Mubarak "to immediately begin an orderly and peaceful transition to a democratic political system, including the transfer of power to an inclusive interim caretaker government, in coordination with leaders from Egypt's opposition, civil society, and military, to enact the necessary reforms to hold free, fair, and internationally credible elections this year."

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) sponsored the resolution which passed Thursday by a unanimous vote.

The resolution also "expresses deep concern over any organization that espouses an extremist ideology, including the Muslim Brotherhood."

As our country looks on with a nervous twitch and joins the rest of the worlds population waiting to see what additional burden this will place on the oil distribution network, we need to keep one thing in mind.

The outcome of this remains up to the Egyptian people.

We need to make clear the fact that the Egyptian political power should not fall into the hands of the extremest groups that dot the political landscape of the Middle East, but we can not manipulate the landscape to fill our needs.

It has to be determined by the Free peoples of Egypt.

We just hope the Free peoples of Egypt can be allowed to make a conscious decision without threats of violence being used to steer the open electoral process that needs to be put in place.

****If you are currently in Egypt and have photos or information on the current situation in Cairo or any part of Egypt please contact us and share your information with the rest of the 1461 readership - you can submit your information photo or story anonymously****

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