Tuesday, July 19

Be Prepared for the New Voter ID Laws that have been Put in Place and May Silence the Poor Disabled and Uninformed

New rules and regulations for casting your vote are on the way and in some places are already in effect for the upcoming elections.

The Republicans say they have created the new regulations to tamp down voter fraud and ensure honest elections as we move forward.

The Democrats say minorities, students, the poor and disabled are the ones who will be effected the most. They also claim that these are the ones most likely to vote Democratic in the upcoming elections.

Some states have enacted new rules to prove citizenship at the polling stations. That in itself is not all bad but does stink to some of the "Citizenship tests" that were administered in some southern states in our recent history.

Several states have enacted a rule requiring that those who turn out to cast ballots have a state issued photo ID on them when they report to the polling station to prove they are who they say they are.

Many states offer Free photo ID cards, but the challenge according to some Democrats will be getting all of those who wish to exercise the voting right to the motor vehicle departments to get the ID itself.

Be prepared and know your states current voting rules and your right to vote as a citizen in good standing.

Don't pass up on your voting rights because you have not done your homework, checked your local rules and regulations and ensured that you are able to cast your vote when the time comes.

Read the NPR story: The Politics Behind New Voter ID Laws for more information.

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  1. Do you not have to have id when you get federal aid? This is complete BS that requiring someone to PROVE who they are in order to vote is somehow it is to keep them from voting. Just more liberal lies to try to win elections through voter fraud and you know it. We all know this is what Democrats do...Time to stop bullshitting people and win fair and square. This applies to ALL voters...many that will also vote Republican.

  2. Anonymous4:07 PM EDT

    How incredibly, hideously, monstrously onerous that we want to know who is voting and if they are a legal citizen who is actually ELIGIBLE to vote!
    Who would be so ‘unfairly’ disenfranchised? The “Poor”? So “poor” that they’ve NEVER had or even applied for a job – where you’ve needed an ID since … forever? The “Disabled”? so ‘disabled’ that they haven’t been able to apply for disability or get help from some “Help” organization – that requires an ID to apply? The “Uninformed”? I guess that they’re talking about those who are too ‘poor’ and/or ‘disabled’ to watch TV, listen to the radio, read newspapers or communicate with anyone else and such whereby they might BECOME INFORMED and/or taken to the DMV to obtain a State ID! “Students”? I’ve been in or around a couple of ‘Institutes of higher learning’ and THEY offered help with Voter Registration on a regular basis.
    Now, if one can’t get to the local DMV to get an ID card (that EVERY State offers) – how would they be able to get to the Polling Place to vote, anyway? . Aside from that, MANY cities, civic groups and the like have “Registration Drives” and even transportation to Polling Places on Election Day on a regular basis. I’ve even seen “Voter Registration kiosks” on street corners at times.
    Why not follow the lead of WWII aerial propagandists and drop Voter ID Cards and Absentee Ballots by the millions over Mexico – or wherever!
    The ONLY po’ folks that would be, truly, “disenfranchised’ are those who are, patently, INELIGIBLE to be “franchised” – Illegal Aliens and such whose votes might be used to illegally stuff Ballot Boxes! To my mind, this whole article smacks of “Scare Tactics” and makes me wonder who would benefit from letting ANYONE vote – whether they are factually eligible or not?
    It is SO UNFAIR that we might actually insist that only those legally allowed to vote to be entitled to vote … NOT!


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