Wednesday, July 13

Is Rupert's News Corps shiny Armor taking tarnish

Many of the conservatives in the United States follow News Corp's broadcasts and take all the accounts they portray in an entertainment style newsy broadcast as gospel truth.

Lately the international community is starting to ask questions of the questionable nature of the gathering tactics and reporting style of sensationalist news.

Murdoch decided to close the UK weekly paper News of the World rather than deal with allegations of journalists hacking into cell phones to retrieve personal data for sensationalist publishing purposes in an attempt to gain higher ratings.

Now, British government officials are starting to ask questions about possible cell phone hacking attempts on the victims involved in the 9/11 attacks in the US as they have accused News Corp of doing to the people who were victims in the July 7th bombings in the UK.

Read the New York Times story - British Leader, Under Fire, Seeks Distance From Murdoch here.

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