Friday, July 15

Minnesota's shutdown nears end but at a cost

Minnesota's been held in limbo as the Republicans and Democrats have refused to work together for the better good of the people of the state.

The state will raise $1.4 Billion in new rev.
Half raised by delaying state aid checks for schools.
Half raised by selling tobacco settlement payment bonds.

Does this solve the budget issue that plagues Minnesota and caused the longest state government shutdown in history?

Nope - it once again kicks the can down the road.

In 10 years or so - when this issue comes up again - it will be that much worse as the revenue that was provided by the tobacco bonds will be missing.

When Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty was in charge, the state dug into a billion-dollar tobacco endowment, tapped into federal stimulus money and emptied reserves to paper over budget problems.

This latest solution again, will not fix the problem.

No date has been set to officially end the shutdown.

Read the Kansas City Star story here.

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