Wednesday, July 6

President Obama's Twitter Town Hall Live

The live Twitter Town Hall with President Obama is today at 2 PM Eastern.

That is little over an hour away.

Have you asked anything yet?

We haven't either.

The 1461 plans to ask why the federal government continues to over look the roll that commercial marijuana could play in putting the country back on track financially.

Why they continue to over look the jobs that the legalization, licensing and taxation could bring to the country.

Why they forget to look at the big picture and face the fact that the revenue generating tool is right in front of them.

We would have a fast generating anti-deficit tool that would allow us to quickly take control of fiscal issues across our nation.

Are we that afraid of the Christian / Conservative ideals of anti anti anti?

Trust me folks - I would bet that half of the folks you run into on a day to day basis are smoking illegally.
Why not legalize the products and control the manufacturing, cultivation, harvesting, milling, distribution, and resale of the products that the hemp / marijuana industry could provide?

A study performed on one company that was going to attempt to open as a legal cultivation / controlled growing company showed that the one company could generate over $3 Million in tax revenue for the city they were looking to build in.

What happened to common sense politics and leadership?

Ask your questions by using the hashtag #AskObama and follow @TownHall to see the responses and watch the event live below.

Do you think we will get an answer to our question?

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