Thursday, July 28

Turns out wacko in Norwegian massacre not insane but still a wacko

A judge said on Monday that the suspect Anders Behring Breivik acknowledged carrying out a bombing and a shooting rampage Friday.

A terrorising rampage that took eight lives in the bombing of the Prime Minister's office building in Oslo and another 68 lives in the shooting that took place at the Labour Party's island summer camp.

Terrorist? Not in the sense of unified groups of psychos coming together to cause havoc and spread anarchy.
This is the lone wolf Virginia Tech style terrorist.
A singular, calculating killer hell bent on injuring others for his own satisfaction and fulfillment of his "master plan".

This wacko reportedly wrote a 1,500 page manifesto which experts say shows that the 32 year old is a cold deliberative and driven killer and not a rambling crazy person.

Breivik said the attacks were necessary to prevent the "colonization" of Norway by Muslims.

He was put on a watch list by government officials in March after ordering chemicals from Poland.
The police did nothing as they assumed the chemicals were for use on Breivik's farm.

Not surprisingly Breivik's attorney seems to be angling for an insanity defense.

Read the full CNN story here: Manifesto suggests massacre suspect troubled, not insane, experts say

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