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Iowa Straw Poll 2011 Results

The 2011 Iowa Straw Poll was held yesterday on August 12 2011.

The Straw Poll is only held in pre-election years when a non Republican incumbent holds office.

Ames Iowa Straw Poll Results, Saturday, August 13, 2011

16,892 votes were cast in the poll

1) Michele Bachmann – 4823 (28.6%)
2) Ron Paul – 4671 (27.7%)
3) Tim Pawlenty – 2293 (13.6%)
4) Rick Santorum – 1657 (9.8%)
5) Herman Cain – 1456 (8.6%)
6) Rick Perry (Write In) – 718 (4.3%)
7) Mitt Romney – 567 (3.4%)
8) Newt Gingrich – 385 (2.3%)
9) Other (Write In) – 162 (1.0%)
10) Jon Huntsman – 69 (0.4%)
11) Thaddeus McCotter – 35 (0.2%)

The shock comes when you look at Rick Perry's results and find that while he was not on the ballot he still beat Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich who were on the ballot. We knew Newt wasn't long for this race, he seems to still have thoughts to the contrary. But Mitt has been the Republican parties man in the shadows for years. I was actually starting to think that this was going to be the time when the party decided it was his turn to take a run at the office.

Bachmann had expected a 6,000 vote total. This win must come as a disappointment to her and her staff as they reportedly gave out 6,000 tickets (I am sure in an attempt to seal her sought after goal) she only received 4,823 votes in the poll. At the end she still won but not with the margin that she had hoped for. This will still give her team momentum to carry her forward up to the New Hampshire Primaries.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) came in a very close second (less than 200 votes behind Bachmann) with 4,671 votes and will undoubtedly bring his run to the leading edge of the Republican bid for the Presidency and show his viability against Bachmann. I can't go too much further without stating here that I actually like Ron Paul in this race and would like to see him up against current President Obama for the Presidency in 2012. I can see the 1461 following Ron Paul through the run and Presidency of the United States. He is the only truly viable candidate for the Republicans and they will soon start to rally around if Bachmann doesn't continue to drive a wedge and divide the party further.

When you think about the reports that Bachmann gave out 6,000 tickets and received 4,823 votes from the attendees and Ron Paul received 4,671 votes it leaves you wondering how many votes Bachmannn would have lost if she hadn't given out the tickets.

I see this more as a win for Ron Paul than for Bachmann at least in the grand scheme of things. The numbers are still the numbers.

If the primaries were held today which of the candidates would you vote for? Keep in mind Tim Pawlenty has already dropped out of the race.

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