Sunday, August 21

A Quarter of South Dakota Schools will be Cutting Education Time to Save Cash

As the children of South Dakota begin to return to class they are looking at a reduced week.

They are returning to a 4 day school week rather than a 5 day.

One school district superintendent claims that the reduction in attendance will save the district $50,000 annually.

But what will be the ultimate cost?

The American education system is already damaged. Our students are slipping behind the rest of the world. Our standards have constantly been lowered and now so will the class time?

If we sacrifice our future and that of our children for today we have honored and upheld nothing.

The superintendent is saying that they will add a half hour a day for the remaining 4 day school week and reduce the lunch period and that should take care of any issue of lost time.

2 hours a week = a full day.

That must be new math.

Some South Dakota Schools Cut Costs By Cutting a Day - TIME NewsFeed

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