Thursday, February 26

Jindal top four no more

Once a fresh and bright new star rising in the Republican party, Gov. Bobby Jindal attempted to take advantage of his new found party interest and was handed the opportunity to speak after President Obama's Tuesday night speech to Congress. It seems however that speaking to a national audience has taken the shine from the new star.

It wasn't the Democratic commentators that thrashed him the worst. It was the Republican commentators that referred to him as "cheesy" and "uninspiring". Some of the reaction I received from people affiliated with both parties seemed to echo the same sentiment, one even referred to it as "a grade school attempt at a rebuttal full of Republican party cliches".

How damaged is the 37 year old's political stardom?
Will Gov. Jindal be able to recover and rebuild a public face after this?
Will Bobby Jindal, Governor of the great state of Louisiana still be looked upon as a Republican Party Presidential hopeful for the 2012 run?

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