Monday, February 23

A letter from a friend in England

I am from England and as I watch a new president brought into power like
all Americans I look to the future with hope. It occurred to me that this was a
truly historic day.

Its not the fact that we have been long term allies, and we have other
things in common for example, both having mad Georges as leaders (that when you
declared independence and you have been gonging onward and upward ever since) I
know you Americans love royalty and miss the Royal Family but was
that a version of God save the queen when Obama was sworn in? But seriously
now, as we are learning all countries in the world are connected so if America
sneezes other countries catch the cold and we do really need each other to get

This man is a second generation American who’s relatives watched the
ceremony in their village on telly vision which needed specially provided
generators, as the village does not have power yet. 200 years earlier slaves
where being imported from these African countries for worldwide export, these
people did not have the status of full human beings. Now from the same
bloodline, of those who built the monuments and the very symbols that stand
for freedom and constitutional rights, now stands as one of the most powerful
men on this planet.

As I saw the old president fly away I felt (a sense of) good riddance
as I felt that this man has not served his people selflessly but lined his and
his friends pockets. Obama has a new approach, a refreshing approach, openness
reaching out, saying that race and religion does not matter, we have a political
leader of the world promoting tolerance. He is showing an open more accountable
government, and his looking for real change. This is the can do attitude, the
will try and if its not right we will change it. This is a sign of accepting
that you have to have failure to learn and advance to success, and to me this is
a leader, and a leader that states the truth by saying you may not like what we
have to do, but for this county we have to do to progress, but what ever happens
we are in this together, and that we are.

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