Thursday, February 26

Obama 1st address to congress

Obama 1st address to congress

It so good to see patriotism at its best, everyone standing together, and to weather this storm that America is going through, if Obama achieves nothing else it must be unity.

It so good to hear America leadership is grasping the fact of global warming is real, one thing is correct the country that is the finder of clean renewable energy for example of self perpetual motion that generates more power that it needs to create it would be like the discovery of oil all over again. If this thing is controled and delivered correctly it can be used to make peace. For the conflicts that we are currently invovled in has had some influence over oil or the movement of oil.

Health reform
We in the United Kingdom have been enjoying access to health care for all, we pay a national insurance, direct from our wages that pay the National Health Service and Social Security Payment, although these are great things you must control who is entitled to it as the rest of the world will want access to it just by visiting too much of that and drains resources and stretch services, we also have private medical care that runs alongside our NHS system. I am not sure what is planned in your health reforms, it seem that the problem has become affordable health care, and because the everything was being more geared up for the working man who pays for his and his families health care who foots the bill when he can no longer pay his premiums?

It was all well and good whilst the money was rolling around, but now things are tight this has lead to a national crisis, no money no students no teachers needed no future no growth. If you are going to progress on finding energy and cures for cancer you need to address education.

I have long recognised the money that has been thrown away by the US for example the lining of friends pocket who are in government in construction contracts in Iraq, and the little avenues that have been created. This will be upsetting for some but this may be the end of the old boys network that has enabled some to have money for nothing. If there is a bad apple at the top eventually works its way down.

I was refreshing to see also I know to was partly spin doctoring the acknowledgement of ordinary people doing exceptional things giving example of those faced with great difficulties, its people like these leading by example this is a demonstration of how to make a country great, this is where it starts, to a certain degree you have to help yours selves and it was so nice to see a nations leader acknowledge them and in turn their nation acknowledge them.

Obama pointed that a change in attitude was required, a change in deals, for the world has gained an impression that Americans are individual money grabbing materialistic people, but it has been a minority of business driven. Obama is attempting to restore a sense of community, because if you join individuals you get community and from community you get a nation. I other words it a Huge S*&t sandwich and we all have to take a bit.

Individual responsibility for our actions, for those who as parents when we failed address our children’s behaviour because we felt it was more hassle that it was worth, for those who bought that property knowing that it was highly likely that at some point in the future they would be over stretched, for those who sold that mortgage to get that commission all wanting to boost there status, all consumer driven. It been a hard lesson to learn that this is not the way forward, but they are all connected. What Obama is trying to do is bring back the true value of people and life. And even if you do not agree on everything, agree if nothing else to do what is best for your country, and from individual to community from community to nation, from nations to the world, as we all inhabit this place called Earth.

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