Friday, February 27

Obama's War: It was Nam now its Stan!

This is Obama first Military commitment.

I know America has troops already in Afghanistan but for a long time ISAF Forces have been pleading for personal. Once again we are brothers in arms, Troops will be pored into Afghanistan, this mass of land between Iran and Pakistan, especially in the southern part the Helmand Provence where the Taliban are fighting the fiercest.

There has been a program on in the United Kingdom called Ross Kemp in Afghanistan, it shows that troops are under heavy daily contact with the enemy, an enemy with no uniform who use fear to control the local population and are the producer of heroin, this is the finance for fighting their war, isn't ironic that the drugs being pedal on our streets is the very thing that is keeping a terrorist organisation in business. At the moment we are getting soldier KIA about one a week on average. The British army was reported at first to be lacking substandard or proper equipment, but had been making up for it in fighting spirit. I know from experience the American troops have some of the best military equipment in the world, with this investment an coalition the Taliban as a mass fighting force should be numbered, but as in Vietnam and northern Ireland I am sure its a long hard slog.

You are entering a war like no other, it is the type of war that we had in Northern Ireland. Hearts and minds, once you have established your military presence, and have won the open battles that will need to be won then come the bombings and the shootings and that's the hard part because it seems to go on and on and on, I would expect 10 years or more, Northern Ireland waged on the last count of unrest for more that 25 years.

Once again we are allied fighting a foe this time not in the delusional quest for WMD, but from a group of individuals that do not want to take the line of you have the right to worship the your god in your way, its there way or no way, this is not an Islamic war, because true Islam professes peace, and if we allow people to be trained and have there minds manipulated the front line will once again be back on our door step.

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