Saturday, March 21

President Obama spoke to the Iranian people on Nowruz

President Barack Obama has made an attempt to open a line of communication between the United States and Iran. He opened the video by offering his "very best wishes" to all people about the world celebrating Nowruz, or "New Day", the Iranian new years.

He spoke to the Iranian people about shared hope and of common dreams. Expressing the understanding of the differences between our peoples and the change in US policy that calls for mutual respect and understanding between the international communities, the United States and Iran.

He spoke directly to the Iranian Leaders about the serious differences that grew over time between the leadership of our two nations. He went on to speak of the commitment that the Obama administration has to the development of diplomacy between the Iranian leadership and the rest of the international communities leadership.

How well will this be accepted by the Iranian people and the Leadership of Iran?

How well will this be received by the people of the United States after nearly 30 years of open hostility between the two nations?

What do you think?

Is this a good move or another false step by an inexperienced politician in high power?

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