Wednesday, March 25

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is off to Mexico

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is off to Mexico today to kick off a two day visit with Mexican officials focusing on anti-drug cooperation between the US and Mexico. Even though both countries leaders will be present at the upcoming G-20 on April 2, Secretary of State Clinton will tackle other subjects like the North American Free Trade Agreement and energy initiatives between the two countries.

U.S. border states and there citizens have become alarmed at the increase in violence as the Mexican Government, led by Mexico's President Felipe Calderon has ramped up anti drug enforcement policies and even used the Mexican military to crack down on narcotic trafficking gangs through out Mexico.

The increase in the Mexican anti trafficking enforcement has not come without an increase in gang violence however. Since January 2008 over 8,000 people have lost there lives as rival gangs and cartels fight to extend power and control.

The Obama administration announced yesterday that it is sending additional law enforcement agents and equipment to the border region between the US and Mexico in an attempt to cut the illegal supply of American guns and money that are being back funneled to the Mexican cartels.

Clinton is the first of three US officials scheduled to travel to Mexico before President Barack Obama is scheduled to make a two day visit on April 16th & 17th.

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