Friday, April 10

US Economy showing signs of life

On Friday, President Barack Obama said that the US Economy is starting to show "glimmers of hope" even though we are far from the end of the recession.

President Obama said in a "We've still got a lot of work to do," but he added, "We're starting to see progress."

The White House economic adviser predicts that the economy will emerge from the downward free-fall by the middle of the year.

Neither President Obama nor White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers have said or eluded to this present moment in time being the "bottom" for our economic slide but they are starting to press forward with a message of a renewed sense of a return to prosperity and a return to growth in the US and international economies. President Barack Obama's optimism is backed by encouraging trade and jobless figures published on Thursday which pushed stocks higher and added to the recent gains on Wall Street.

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