Saturday, April 18

Welcome to the White House Charlie, er Bo

Well as many folks know, Bo has taken up residence in the White House and become a member of the first family.

Who is Bo?

Well he was once known as Charlie, but since entering the witness protection program he has assumed a new identity.

Ok, I'm just playing around, but why should the WTF writers get to have all the fun around here?

So for those of you who don't know, Bo is the new, slightly used Portuguese water dog. Senator Ted Kennedy raises them, and Bo - or rather Charlie was among one of the pups that Sen. Kennedy raised. Bo is currently 6 months old, which means he has already been trained and the use of news papers in the White House should still be limited to reading.

He was originally given to a family and the situation "didn't work out" for Bo.

So the argument of Bo being a rescue dog was born.

Bo made his debut on the White House lawn back on April 14, 2009.

I have a feeling Dr. Dave, who is one of our WTF writers is going to have some fun with Bo if this post is any indication.

Again I ask, why are they the only ones who can have some fun?

I remember now, I am the Independent writer on the staff.

Any Democrats in the audience?

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