Monday, July 13

One more for the Palin Notion

While the current Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has decided to take a dramatic step and leave her post as the governor what is the expected outcome of her move?

I know I have asked this same question several times now, but the answer has yet to actually surface.

I have seen speculation and interpretations going here there and everywhere. None of which is a true and focused answer. I would guess each would be as accurate as if you were to staple a bunch of theories on a wall then blindfold yourself and throw a dart. Which ever theory is struck is the theory of the day.

There is little doubt that soon to be ex-Governor Palin was an emotional hand grenade to the Presidential hopes of Sen. McCain.

The former beauty queen brought many peoples attention to the campaign quickly and sharply. She had the attention of the female right wing voters. She had the attention of the right wing gun totters. She had the hunters and the NRA. Much of the blue collar right wingers had there eyes firmly fixed on her form.

Lets face is, most of the right wing conservative base wished she was there wife. Those that didn’t want her as there wife were the women of the party and they themselves wanted to be her.

A 45 year old, attractive, former beauty queen moose hunting, self proclaimed soccer mom and Governor made people in the right wing take notice and start talking.

The conservative base had tapped into something that they did not foresee though.

Many people in the conservative political group took notice of the McCain VP pick, and were astounded. They were taken back by the mere fact that McCain took a chance. Something many didn’t think McCain was capable of doing. Especially in his second bid for the White House.

Picking an obscure, relatively unknown with little experience was almost undoubtedly the riskiest move of McCain’s political career. After all he was going up against someone who had little experience himself and this pick would remove the ability to go after the experience of Barack Obama as a maneuvering point with out sounding and looking like a hypocrite.

But that is exactly what the McCain camp did, and by doing so they effectively pulled the pin and started counting.

At this point I have to stop and wonder what would have happened if McCain had picked a better known political player such as Romney for his VP. Personally, and I may be way off base here, I think that ticket would have had an equal or better shot at taking the prize. They may even have garnered my vote. The political duo would have had decade’s worth of experience and knowledge that would have trumped anything Obama could have thrown at them. But then look at who Obama picked as his VP. Joe Biden single handedly trumped the experience card for the Obama ticket. He was the safe pick. Just for good measure he put Hillary Clinton on the ticket as well. Calculated and well balanced. Something many of us would have liked to see from McCain.

They counted right past three and kept going until they hit five, which according to the holy book of armaments should be “right out”. (Sorry – a little Monty Python’s reference seemed appropriate)

Let’s fast forward a few months to today. Here we are in mid-July. The hot soccer / hockey mom Governor of Alaska has decided to step down and hand over the Governorship of the great state of Alaska to her second in charge and move forward.

But to what end?

Gov. Palin has stated that she is not leaving politics as many have speculated over the past week. She is looking forward to hitting the campaign trails with politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike, that need or want her help in there bids for election and/or re-election.

Who is going to want to have her campaign for them though?

She pulled on the heart strings of the base of the conservative party, but she alienated the undecideds and the nonaffiliated voters. With her latest move of stepping down in mid term she added a good size chunk of conservatives who are now not so thrilled with her or her actions as well.

What good can she now offer someone who is attempting to gain an office or seat with the label of “quitter” permanently affixed on her lapel?

Former Governor Palin will not be able to reach out beyond the conservative base, and now even reaching enough of the base is in question.

Perhaps she will fare better using her time off to work on her book. Before you get upset with me for making that statement and propagating the rumors from the statement made by Levi Johnson during his press conference, keep in mind that Sarah Palin herself stated that she is going to be working on her book during and interview with the Washington Times this past Sunday.

Levi Johnson by the way is also working towards a book and movie deal.

In the end, what does the future hold for the soon to be former Governor of Alaska?

Only time will tell. I can’t wait to see it unfold.

The story line has been interesting up until now with all the plot twists and new correctors.

It’s better than any other prime time TV reality show!

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