Sunday, July 12

Palin not to leave politics after all

Governor Palin has stated publicly that she will not be leaving politics. In fact she has stated that she is eager to re-enter the political arena on the national level.

This would work well with the statements of Levi Johnston, The 19 year old father of Palin's grandson and the former boyfriend of Bristol Palin. Levi talked about Palin's desire to "take some of this money people had been offering" for books and movie deals, and about Sarah Palin's other offers, like a reality show.

Of course all of this was released in addition to the fact that the young Mr. Johnston is also seeking his own book and movie deal.

If she were to retake the national stage and crank up the national spotlight on herself once again, she might be able to raise the offers a little bit further and remove a few layers of debt that has amassed itself in her legal defence. A debt that is being reported to be in the $500,000 range.

Palin of course denies that she is interested in taking the money and running.

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