Thursday, December 31

8 CIA 4 Canadian Military personnel and Canadian reporter killed in Afghanistan as 09 comes to a close

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On Wednesday December 30th 2009, a suicide bomber gained entry to a United States base known as Forward Operating Base Chapman. The bomber detonated a vest filled with explosives known as a suicide vest in an area that was used as a fitness center. The explosion and destruction brought about by the detonation killed eight career CIA officers. The deadly attack was one of the deadliest days in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency's history. Wednesday's bombing killed more CIA personnel than any attack since the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut in 1983.

No US or NATO military personnel were reported to be among the killed or wounded. There were a number of civilian's wounded in the attack, however the actual count is unknown at this time.

The base is located in an area of eastern Afghanistan close to the boarder Pakistan known as the Khowst province. It is one of the hotbeds of para-gorilla or insurgent activity.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the suicide attack by posting a message on one of the websites that they control. The statement claimed that the attacker was a member of the Afghanistan Army, and that access the base was gained by use of the attackers military uniform. The Taliban identified the attacker only as Samiullah.

Also on Wednesday, military officials said that a total of five people were killed in an explosion in the Kandahar province located in southern Afghanistan. Those killed were four Canadian soldiers and a Canadian journalist. The Canadian Press is saying the journalist was reporter Michelle Lang, 34, of the Calgary Herald while covering the Canadian war efforts in the southern regions of Afghanistan for the Canwest News Service.

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