Friday, January 8

Christian Churches in Kuala Lumpur attacked for use of Allah

According to reports, three Catholic churches have been firebombed in Kuala Lumpur for using a word.

The word is Allah, the Muslim word for God.

Today's events sprang forth from a court ruling that overturned a government ban on the use of “Allah” by Roman Catholics as a translation for God.

It is the common word used to describe the Christian God in Arabic speaking countries like Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim majority nation.

During the current dispute, many Muslims in Kuala Lumpur have argued that the use of the word Allah by other religions could confuse believers and tempt them to convert from Islam.

Three churches were firebombed in all. Each was attacked before dawn. The Metro Tabernacle Church had a ground-level office destroyed and only one of the other churches sustained minor damage.

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