Friday, January 8

Sarah Palin to headline at Tea Party Nation

Sarah Palin has reportedly agreed to deliver the keynote address at the first National Tea Party convention to be held in Nashville. The convention is scheduled to kick off on February 4th and last until February 6th.

Palin has reportedly agreed to deliver the keynote address for a mere $100,000. The Tea Party ticket prices are not cheap with the options as follow:
Banquet Only Ticket = $349.00 + a $9.71 fee (this is the closing night, when Sarah Palin will give her keynote address)

Convention Only ticket = $349.00 + a $9.71 fee (Ticket does NOT include the Saturday night closing banquet)

You should also note the Convention Only tickets have a little stipulation attached to them: Convention Only tickets CAN be offered only if the following conditions are met: A confirmed 2 night hotel room booking at Opryland with our group discounted rate. If the hotel booking requirement is not met it will result in the forfeiture of your convention ticket at registration with no refund available. Ticket price does not include hotel accommodations.

If you decide to partake in the whole National Tea Party Nation Convention the ticket price will be just $549.00 + the $9.95 fee and hotel accommodations once again are not included.

The Tea Party movement is supposed to be a grassroots cry and rally against big government and frivolous spending, not a for profit enterprise. How is the average Joe going to be able to afford to attend this one? Almost half the country is unemployed! The only ones who still have a job are the bankers and financial wiz kids who got the whole ball rolling downhill in the first place.

Between the convention ticket price and the cost of the accommodations, some people would have to spend a months salary just to attend.

I have to hand it to Sarah however. I am sure she could have made a little more for her appearance. She's not much of a political figure any longer but her star factor should work well for her if she decides to launch her talk show career as it has been proposed.

*Ticket Pricing and Ticket information was found and is available at

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