Monday, January 18

Did Obama's Last Minute Rally Help Coakley

President Obama spent Sunday afternoon at a Democratic rally for Senate hopeful, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley. He spoke for several minutes and attempted to drive home the idea that Coakley's election was necessary for the Democrats to succeed.

The Democrats currently have 60 votes if you include the Independents that normally caucus with the Dem's. The Republicans are hoping to pick up there 41st vote by getting Brown elected. that would break the Dem's filibuster proof 60 vote magic.

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If the Democrats want to get anything done in Washington they need to hold on to that 60 seat majority. If they don't hold the line, they will have a hard time getting anything completed in the next few months.

If they drop the seat, the Senate will be in deadlock until the midterms.

Was President Obama's last minute trip enough to put the Democrat voters back on board with the party?

Some of the polls are saying the elections that are starting in the morning will be locked in a dead heat. Some show Coakley having picked up while others show that the visits by President Obama and former President Clinton had little to no effect.

President Obama however had little choice but to visit Massachusetts and make an effort to rally the Democratic base around the candidate. If Coakley had made a stronger effort at the election in the beginning, these efforts would not be needed now.

The election will come down to the involvement of the Democrats and teh Independent voters.

My prediction?

Coakley will win, by a very small margin. They will be pressed to have a recount. The interim Massachusetts Senator Paul G. Kirk will end up voting on the Health Care reform bill and it will pass before the incoming Senator is seated. The incoming Senator will not be seated for weeks as they attempt to certify the vote.

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