Monday, January 18

War with Taliban Surges in Afghan Capitol

The Taliban have stepped up there offensive in Afghanistan today. They attacked both Government and civilian targets in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul.

Gun Battles erupted just after 10 Am in the capitol city after a single member of a Taliban strike force detonated a suicide vest at the gates of Kabuls Central Bank, killing himself and an Afghan Intel officer.

The remaining six members of the Taliban group reportedly threw grenades into a group of people attempting to flee the situation and then took cover in a nearby market.

The coordinated assault is reported to have been carried out by seven Taliban members demonstrating the Taliban's ability to strike virtually any target with small numbers using Guerilla style warfare tactics. The same tactics that inflicted damage time and time again on U.S. forces during the Vietnam war.

Their attack was centered on an area of Kabul that shows the lack of military control by the Afghanistan Government and military officials. The majority of the combat between Afghanistan military commandos and the Taliban took place just 200 yards from the Afghan Presidential Palace.

The battle lasted five hours as the Taliban attempted to press the assault on the capitol. They were armed with AK-47's, grenades, rocket launchers and suicide bomb vests and an ambulance packed with explosives. In the end the Afghan police and commandos were able to kill the remaining Taliban.

Two civilians, including a child, two Afghan police officers and an Afghan intelligence officer have been reported to have been killed in the attack. 35 civilians, 20 police, 10 Afghan soldiers and 6 Afghanistan intelligence officers are among those reported injured or wounded.

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