Sunday, January 10

The Weekly WTF for January 10 2010

1461 Days Weekly WTF!

Well here we go once again.

I have made several attempts at running this section.

At one point we had a Liberal and a hard line Conservative writing this thing. (I thought it would be enjoyable and at least I assumed it might spark a debate or two as they worked out the top ten WTF's (Washington Total Fails) for a given week. It would also offer up a Right and Left opinion of the previous weeks political underworld. That is what 1461 is supposed to be. Right and Left wing view points in one place as we follow the current administration through out the 1461!

But in the end what happened is the Liberal left the fold instead of working with the Conservative and stopped writing for 1461 all together. It happens.

The Conservative writer is a snarky fellow. His website is doing well. He no longer writes here as he has no time to contribute. It's a good thing for him. I like to see people get ahead!

So ...

I need some help folks!

I am neither snarky nor am I a hard line political party follower. I am the middle of the road guy. I see both view points. I listen to what they have to say. I make up my own mind. I try to remain impartial when I post here. (Maybe that is a problem - think I should start to take a side and press it?)

But that also means I miss some of the hardliners view points. Those are some of the viewpoints I am looking for here. I like them. From both sides. I think they are important and show the true sentiment and standing of the public on where and how our government is moving. With out having a clear opinion form the Liberals and the Conservatives what the hell do us middle of the road folk have to make up our minds?

So this time I am not looking for writers.

I wont turn any writers down if they ask to be involved in the project and have a spark of passion and talent, but I am not going to go looking for any.

What I am looking for are suggestions.

I want your thoughts and opinions on the weeks top WTF.

Who was the biggest screw up?

What was the biggest dumb move?

Which party ultimately screwed the pooch?

Did someone just get caught with there hand in the cookie jar?

Was there a new scandal in Washington this week? Was a hooker involved? Was Tiger Woods there?

What political personality made the biggest mess for there carear, party or country?

The only thing I ask is to keep it real.
No fake, made up, non-fact based opinions.
Honest opinions on fact based issues!
Is that too much to ask?

So here we are, January 10 2010.
We can look back over the past week and see plenty of Washington political elite blunders and screw ups. But which ones are the ones that stand out to you the most? Which ones are going to shape the way we as a nation move forward? Which ones have changed the political landscape the most?

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